EARN $1000 for each practitioner referral

Founding Medical Officers (FMO) are an elite group of certified providers who are as excited as we are about the substantial benefits of becoming a Restorative Methods Certified Provider.

Some practitioners even asked us how it’s possible to provide all these benefits for the same price as purchasing a low level light therapy device.

The secret sauce is collaboration!

 We collaborated with Life Light, marketing experts and curriculum developers to combine exceptional education and business support with the material asset of adding a medical device to your practice. No company has ever provided ALL of these benefits to medical providers in one place! If you find yourself enthusiastic about this opportunity and willing to collaborate with us too, then you can receive the ADDITIONAL BENEFITS of becoming one of only 100 qualified FMOs:

    1. EARN $1000 for each practitioner referral
    2. EARN $250 for their referrals
    3. EARN residual income after 24 months based on number of active certified providers
    4. EARN FREE CEC’s indefinitely

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