The foundation of all our workshops is


  • When LLLT acts on an organism, the effect is called “Photobiomodulation”
  • Restorative Methods offers over 60 CECs for FREE, including Photobiomodulation, upon becoming a RM Certified Provider
  • RM provides a Clinical Support number and a Technical Support number to certified practitioners

Cutting Edge Workshops

  • Restorative Methods workshops teach cutting edge therapies in high-need areas
  • All techniques SYNERGIZE with LLLT for improved outcomes over either method alone
  • All courses include supervised HANDS-ON instruction in our proprietary techniques.
  • Supervision and assessment ensure you are competent and confident to start IMMEDIATELY

Hair Restoration and Microneedling

  • Hair Restoration and Microneedling demand expected to rise by 25% per year for 5 years
  • Results are highly dependent on technique and biochemistry

RM Proprietary Methods work 100% of the time

  • Learn to qualify patients for best results
  • Learn Exosomes vs PRP

Soft Tissue Restorative Methods

  • Benefits any patient with soft tissue injury, degeneration or pain

Soft Tissue Restorative Methods are both diagnostic and therapeutic

  • Teaches diagnostic awareness that otherwise requires imaging
  • Results are visible INSTANTLY
  • Proprietary method SAVES YOUR HANDS, WRISTS from wear and tear
  • Based on thousands of patients from Olympic athletes to senior citizens.

Soft Tissue Injection Methods

  • Combining the rich integrative body of research and experience in Biopuncture, Mesotherapy, Neuraltherapy and TCM.
  • Learn about available injectables and when to use which:
    • PRP

    • Exosomes

    • Homeopathy

Soft Tissue Injection Methods promote healing and can avert surgery!

  • An INDISPENSABLE course for anyone treating soft tissue or joint pain
  • Indications include sprains, strains, tears, overuse, chronic pain, autoimmunity and chronic degeneration