Who is Restorative Methods?

Dr. Elizabeth Livengood, ND, MAEd

  • Curriculum developer, Educator
  • CMO and Founder of Livengood Natural Health

Rick Suman, Developer and Founder of Life Light

  • Financial and Estate Planner 20+ years

  • Former Financial Radio talk show host

Co-founders of RM with a like-minded goal to benefit doctors and patients.


To teach cutting edge therapies utilizing high-tech medical technology


Cutting Edge Healthcare Education

Meet Our Lead Instructor and Curriculum Developer!

Dr. Elizabeth Livengood, ND, MAEd

Before entering medicine, Dr. Elizabeth Livengood earned a Master’s degree in education and taught science, health, and physical education (PE). She developed the curricula for both health and PE in private schools, ensuring state objectives were met and assessments were appropriate for all ages, genders, and learning styles. She also taught yoga and co-developed the curriculum for a highly rated Yoga Teacher Training program (both 200 and 500 hour courses). After 10 years in education, she returned to school herself to pursue her own childhood dream of becoming a doctor.

Now, as a licensed naturopathic doctor in Arizona, Dr. Livengood is a primary care provider offering exceptional in-person treatment, complete lab services, and the most advanced integrative procedures available. Areas of expertise include:

  • Natural Pain Relief and Injection Therapies
  • Autoimmune Conditions and LDN
  • Hair Restoration and Microneedling procedures

During her integrative residency, Dr. Livengood taught OB/gyn lab sections at her alma mater, Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine. Post-residency, she also taught and assessed major milestone exams for:

  •  Venipuncture and IV Labs
  • Clinical Practice lectures
  • Physical Exam Labs

She now teaches only her favorite courses which include corporate yoga, yoga teacher training, a Community Clinic rotation for medical students, various conference lectures, and of course Restorative Methods workshops for doctors and nurses. She sits on the Medical Advisory board for LDN Research Trust and is an active committee member and former board member for the Arizona Naturopathic Medical Association.

About Rick Suman

Rick Suman, Developer and Founder of Life Light

Rick Suman was born in Mesa, Arizona. He has been married 44 years to his wife Kinna with two Sons and 6 Grand Children. Rick Suman has been in the Financial Services Industry for 39 years, Securities Principal for 10 years. He trained and developed licensed insurance and securities representatives for 9 years. Rick Suman also spent 20 years as a Financial and Estate Planner.

Hosted and Produced his own radio program called “Your Financial Freedom” from 1984 – 1992. He taught basic principles of every day finance. Hosted the Financial Freedom Seminars during that same time frame where he spoke to thousands of couples and individuals. He has also worked with attorneys providing Estate and Financial Planning for Seniors from 1990 until 2000.

During the dot com boom, he became an expert in helping those who had amassed millions through company IPOs. Rick Suman showed company execs how to cut or eliminate taxation on stock gains, and maximize income through the use of charitable trusts. He opened a company in 2000 helping people eliminate unsecured consumer debt through negotiation and settlement. Went from zero client enrollments a month to over 750 a month in less than 150 days. Have had 20 years of experience in the owning and managing of debt relief companies.

Rick Suman is the founder and co-developer of Life Light LED Light Therapy that began development in 2011. He designed prototyped and tested units from 2012 through 2013. Rick Suman unveiled his first generation Life Light device in February of 2014. Today, they are in their 5th generation device with hundreds of units sold to date.

RM Customers

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Restorative Methods Certified Providers are a vanguard of Top Tier medical professionals trained in the latest therapies, techniques and technology with a common goal of improving patient outcomes.

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Patients of Restorative Methods Certified Providers will experience Top Tier healthcare with consistent results.

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